Sunday, 7 July 2013

Royal Blood On Their Hands

Prince William and Kate Middleton may be giving life to a human animal, but the Royal Family is much more typically giving death to nonhuman animals.

So as nonhuman animals strolling grounds of the many royal properties shudder as yet another royal human is born that will no doubt follow the family tradition of torturing and killing other species, it is appropriate to remind humans of their sordid speciesist royals.

Great Grandmother Queen Elizabeth Has Some Time To Kill While On Tour

The Royals have a very long history of bloodsports. Historically, royal hunting often involved placing a tiger in a paddock so that a visiting sovereign could shoot him dead. 

Queen Elizabeth enjoyed such hunting in her 1961 trip to Nepal. Although, as you can see in the video below, she was careful not to get her hands dirty and had an official shooter to kill the tiger and rhinoceros which she "spotted".

Mum Goes Killing

The same royal contempt for nature continues to this day. The baby's mother (Kate) and Grandfather (Prince Charles) also enjoy killing nonhumans. What a wonderful lesson she can teach to her new child! Here they are in 2007:

Kate and Charles prepare to kill some nonhuman animals

Dressed in a camouflage jacket, dark jeans, leg warmers and gaiters over her boots, Miss Middleton could be seen at one point lying on the ground - seemingly to prepare the sights of her gun before shooting.With a pair of binoculars around her neck and a relaxed shooting position, she looked a veteran stalker.

The Hunting Ban Hits The Royal Family Hard

Unfortunately for the royal baby it is being born into a UK where the hunting of wild mammals with dogs (eg foxes, hares, and deers) is now banned. Hunting dogs allow royal humans to kill nonhumans because they dont have the ability to do it on their own. The irony is of course that the royals use animals to kill animals. So the victim is the perpetrator (remind you of a human genocide?) But of course, whether being used to kill or be killed, it is all about the manipulation and torture of other species.

Father William, Grandpa Charles, and Uncle Harry took the news of the hunting ban hard. As noted in The Telegraph:

Charles even threatened to leave the country. Unfortunately for the nonhuman animals he failed to make good this threat.

For you see, there are many exceptions the royals can exploit in the Hunting Act. For example, the Act makes it an offence to hunt a mouse with a dog but not a rat, you can legally hunt a rabbit but not a hare. You can flush a fox to guns with two dogs legally but if you use three it's an offence. You can flush a fox to a bird of prey with as many dogs as you likeSo the royal humans can continue to harass  nonhumans with dogs and pass on the tradition to the next generation of blood-hungry humans.

Prince Charles looking for some nonhuman animals to hunt down and kill
Other Torture

Queen Elizabeth is still at it. Recently she was seen at a cauldron of human speciesism and superiority - the racecourse. Here she was, manipulating horses for the human pursuit of gambling. We know that horse-racing represents the nadir of human civilization, and the horse will likely end up dead.

The Queen dragging a horse around without consent
The Royals also enjoy using horses to play polo (apparently they are too important to play while standing on their own feet and therefore must be carried around), known as The Sport of (Bloodthirsty) Kings. 

Princess Anne similarly enjoyed torturing horses in Olympic equestrian events, and has passed that callousness on to her daughter Zara Phillips.

Horses are also used to pull royal carriages for the purposes of human pomp and human ceremony.

Not to mention the fur, the food, and the gifts of dead animals from countries around the world.

A Gift For The Royal Baby

Given its voraciously vicious bloodlines, when the royal baby is given a toy bear to play with by one of its relatives, look closely: it's probably made of real (dead) bear.

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