Monday, 4 February 2013

Super Bowl of Dead Chickens

According to estimates, during this weekend over 1 billion  chicken wings were devoured by American human animals. 

At 2 wings per chicken, this means over 500 million chickens were killed and had their wings (equivalent to human animal arms) sawed off and eaten.

500 million.

It is ironic that as the winning team is represented by a bird, namely the Baltimore Ravens, Americans celebrate by killing a bird in unprecedented numbers.

There are approximately 7 billion live human animals currently on earth. 

If 500 million humans were killed in the name of entertainment, or food, or for any reason, it would easily be history's greatest tragedy. One fourteenth of all humans devoured on the whim of millions of hungry TV viewers.

So why the apathy over such immense killing? Firstly, human animals are unique in that they are callous and unfeeling and love to kill for reasons of entertainment, unlike any other animal. Then there is speciesism, obviously. From this follows a lack of a universal declaration of rights for any species other than humans. Also, chickens can't speak English, they can't plead "please don't kill me, it hurts when you chop off my head, and I have a right to life" and therefore don't elicit sympathy from potential executioners. They have little or no lobby presence on Capitol Hill. Finally, they are defenseless to a human knife and can't fight back.  

And so millions upon millions of souls are slaughtered with impunity. Hope you enjoyed the game, humans.

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