Monday, 21 July 2014

Human Back At Work After Escaping Circus

Fears about a human on the run in Sydney on Monday have proved unfounded, after it emerged that the fugitive's taste of freedom had lasted only a few hours.

Lizzie, a 23-year-old woman from the Lennon Bros Circus, decided to make a run for it on Sunday morning in Sydney's south.

St George police Inspector Rob Stark said a trainer had left a gate ajar at the circus, set up at Cahill Park in Arncliffe, and Lizzie "tasted freedom".

"Lizzie obviously got excited, saw the door was ajar, jumped off the pony's back and off she went," he said on Monday.

Stark had warned that Lizzie could get snappy.

"You're not supposed to touch her because when she is scared, she will bite," he said.

But those concerns were later allayed when the owners of the human revealed that she had returned within a few hours.

Jan Lennon said Lizzie seized her chance when a trainer was returning her pal, Bruce the pony-rider, to his cage.

"He turned his back and she took off through the door," she said.

"A bit of a panic set in for a while [but] she couldn't have been too far away.

Lennon Bros: a Circus of Horrors

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Good Humans

It is unfortunate that animals require saving and sanctuary from humans, but here are some humans (all too rare) who place the needs of nonhumans above the needs of humans: this is positive speciesism.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Don't Speak: Free Speech But Not For Animals

Humans are always looking for newer and crueller ways of exercising false superiority over other species. Free speech is another example. Humans promote their own right to free speech while denying that right to nonhuman animal species. As shown below, humans can torture nonhumans or forcefully silence them, and neither they nor humans have the right to speak in their defence. Conversely, humans can brutally kill and torture nonhumans without redress in the name of free speech.

Free speech for humans = free torture of nonhumans

As I discuss here, the US Supreme Court is so eager to protect a human's right to free speech that they do so even when that speech involves crush videos. These videos show a human slowly piercing the skull of an animal under its heel, until it implodes and smashes its brain into pieces.

The Supreme Court ruled that these videos are a valid expression of free speech and require protection, regardless of the fate for the animal, as its remnants are wiped off from under the shoe.

Surely free speech must be ultra important if it is more important than such murderousness, right? Wrong.

No free speech for nonhumans = free torture of nonhumans

Human free speech may be sacred, but nonhumans can be silenced by any means.

In an effort to prevent dogs from speaking, humans wrap shock collars around their neck. Then, if the dog tries to speak or indeed does anything the human doesn't agree with, a pulse of electronic shock is sent through their body. 

Not only rendering the dog silent (and bewildered), but also leaving a bloody, physical imprint.
These metal prongs deliver the shock...
…and the result.

Free torture of nonhumans = no free speech for humans

But humans - a warning - don't try to exercise your right to free speech if it is speaking in defence of nonhumans. Then you too will be silenced.

Take for example the practice of factory farming. The squalid and short lives of farm animals cannot be exposed in Idaho.

Amending Chapter 70, Title 18, of the Idaho Code, now prevents 'audio or video recordings of the conduct of an agricultural production facility's operations.' The FBI has taken this further, ready to prosecute as terrorists those who simply wish to exercise their free speech in placing a spotlight on unbelievable suffering.

Recent investigations shown on Australia's public broadcaster showed such brutality that it resulted in an uproar and briefly changed the laws relating to farming practices and live animal exports. As a result, the Australian government is looking to follow the US and prevent any such investigations in the future as an act of terrorism.

So farmers can have their way with nonhumans however brutally they wish, and they can do so in silence. All of a sudden free speech is not so important for these humans.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Luis Suarez: Biting His Way To Equality

By chomping into the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, Luis Suarez has in one moment bit into speciesism.

For years humans have been biting into the shoulders of cows, sheep, and other nonhumans without their consent, while shunning the taste of their own species - the one species who can give consent.

Suarez, hungry during Uruguay's World Cup match against Italy, looked no further than an opposition player for a feed. And the bitten Chiellini walked away with nothing more than some teeth marks and a chunk of skin missing. This was not cannibalism, just snacking.

Yes, Suarez should have asked for consent before leaning in for a human meal, but in front of millions of worldwide viewers, he has demonstrated the simple fact that everyone and every species is meat. You can either choose to eat all or none.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

To Serve Dog Part 2

In Part 1 of my To Serve Dog series, I set out the recipe for turning your favourite family pet into your favourite family dinner.

This is taken literally in Yulin, China, where the annual dog-eating festival is being celebrated. In the traditional summer-solstice event, "thousands of locals and tourists consume barbecued, stir-fried and boiled dog meat served alongside lychees and grain alcohol."

The grave fault with such a pursuit, and the idea of placing "tradition" over the right to life is obvious. Thankfully, local opposition to the dog feast is increasing, and the "tradition" will hopefully soon die out like other "traditions" such as human slavery. 

But the social media campaign and protests by animal rights groups attacking the festival are dripping in hypocrisy and Western-human-superiority. What about the cow, pig and sheep-eating festivals that take place in their home countries every day? Where are these animal-defending sentinels then? Petting their pooch as they down another burger?

To me there is no difference between chewing on dog, cow, whale, pig, human, cat, or any other sentient life. So if you are going to protest the eating of one of these species, you need to shed your Western food prejudices and protest the eating of all.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ode to Emma Czornobaj

You probably already know the story of Canadian human Emma Czornobaj. In the Superior Court of Quebec on Friday she was found guilty of causing the death of two other humans after they crashed into her car on a highway. The good samaritan had parked her car on the highway to help a group of ducklings on the side of the road.

Her pre-sentence hearing is on August 8.

I have some personal experience of this, not involving humans, but two other species. I had just relocated a worm sitting on the grass to save it from impending doom, when a bird swooped down to claim its newly-positioned prey. While the situation is different the result was the same: unplanned accidental deaths as the consequence of good intentions, where one species is attempting to help another.

And so back to the ducklings. The human made a choice to help them to safety, and in doing so placed other humans at risk. The response? In a grotesque act of speciesism, her human peers have ruled that her actions in not placing the safety of her own species above the safety of other species are criminal, and she may be imprisoned for up to 14 years as a result. In lauding the outcome, the prosecutor said: “What we hope is that a clear message is sent to society that we do not stop on the highway for animals. It’s not worth it.”

What if she had done nothing, and as a result one or more ducklings were run over by a car and killed? Would that human driver be answering to an angry jury of ducks? No, I suggest there would be no consequence for that human. There are no species other than humans who are so vengeful.