Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Live And Let Live

For those of you who don't want to kill:

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Grunters Smashing Chicks Magazine

Due in all good newsagents and stores by the 28th August 2014

 Australia's first female-hunting magazine where we predominantly showcase female-hunted stories and pictures. 

 The hunted have a stereo type that the editor who was pig-hunted herself is keen to change by show casing that most of the hunted are everyday people with families that are hunted for the conservation of decent humans who would otherwise be over run by these pests. 
 With sixteen sections on 124 pages full of photos and stories Grunters Smashing Chicks has a fresh professional layout on a high gsm stock. 
 In this issue we bring to you;

* Editors Yarn                      * Trophy Teeth
* Dusk Til Dawn                    * Smashing A broad 
* Hunting For Condemnation     * Grunters Smashing Blokes 
* Hard Hitting Hounds            * Smashing Ferals
* Helpers                             * Fire & Food
* Piglets Smashing Chicks        * Hunted Hotties
* Rank Rides                         * Lost dogs
* Great Southern Land            * Classifieds

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The People vs Nibbles

In Veterinary Surgeons' Board of Western Australia and Alexander [2014] WASAT 105 Justice Curthoys found that Nibbles and three other guinea pig patients suffered horribly at the hands of their vet due to his unprofessional conduct. The Judge and Members of the Western Australia State Administrative Tribunal effectively upheld findings of veterinary malpractice because:

- The vet treated Nibbles with potentially lethal drug Convenia when "He should have known that Convenia was detrimental to and potentially lethal to guinea pigs". However, the vet in question clearly didn't know this. Instead, he performed a quick Google search about the drug on his mobile phone before plunging the toxic dose into Nibbles. As a result, it was found the vet's "conduct set out in administering Convenia ... to Nibbles fell substantially short of the standards of professional conduct that could reasonably be expected to be observed by members of the veterinary profession of good repute and competency."

A poorly cared for guinea pig
- On another occasion the vet castrated three guinea pigs at their owner's home rather than at his clinic, and then left them under anaesthesia so that "one of the guinea pigs did not regain consciousness after the surgery and died within 24 hours, another regained consciousness but died within approximately 36 hours of the surgery, and the third guinea pig remained immobile for more than 12 hours after the surgery."

The vet thought it acceptable to leave the guinea pigs because he had to go and euthanise a dog, and besides "I had done it on a basis of quite a cheap amount, especially for the amount of time I spent there, I did leave them there, and [the owner] said she would contact me if they didn't wake up." Well, they didn't. 

Thankfully the Judge disagreed with the vet, citing expert evidence that: "the guinea pigs should be walking before they are discharged to the care of an owner." It was also found that such surgery should be performed in the relative safety of a veterinary clinic to minimise risks. Sadly, two of the guinea pigs were killed as a result of such unprofessionalism and reckless indifference to their welfare.

To the females out there, this would be like your doctor performing a hysterectomy while you lay unconscious on your kitchen bench. Then, when he is done, your doctor and anaesthesiologist pull out their tubes and put down their tools as they rush off to another job. "Don't worry" your doctor tells your husband: "just call me if she doesn't wake up."

We await the Tribunal's decision regarding penalty which is due shortly. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Human Back At Work After Escaping Circus

Fears about a human on the run in Sydney on Monday have proved unfounded, after it emerged that the fugitive's taste of freedom had lasted only a few hours.

Lizzie, a 23-year-old woman from the Lennon Bros Circus, decided to make a run for it on Sunday morning in Sydney's south.

St George police Inspector Rob Stark said a trainer had left a gate ajar at the circus, set up at Cahill Park in Arncliffe, and Lizzie "tasted freedom".

"Lizzie obviously got excited, saw the door was ajar, jumped off the pony's back and off she went," he said on Monday.

Stark had warned that Lizzie could get snappy.

"You're not supposed to touch her because when she is scared, she will bite," he said.

But those concerns were later allayed when the owners of the human revealed that she had returned within a few hours.

Jan Lennon said Lizzie seized her chance when a trainer was returning her pal, Bruce the pony-rider, to his cage.

"He turned his back and she took off through the door," she said.

"A bit of a panic set in for a while [but] she couldn't have been too far away.

Lennon Bros: a Circus of Horrors

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Good Humans

It is unfortunate that animals require saving and sanctuary from humans, but here are some humans (all too rare) who place the needs of nonhumans above the needs of humans: this is positive speciesism.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Don't Speak: Free Speech But Not For Animals

Humans are always looking for newer and crueller ways of exercising false superiority over other species. Free speech is another example. Humans promote their own right to free speech while denying that right to nonhuman animal species. As shown below, humans can torture nonhumans or forcefully silence them, and neither they nor humans have the right to speak in their defence. Conversely, humans can brutally kill and torture nonhumans without redress in the name of free speech.

Free speech for humans = free torture of nonhumans

As I discuss here, the US Supreme Court is so eager to protect a human's right to free speech that they do so even when that speech involves crush videos. These videos show a human slowly piercing the skull of an animal under its heel, until it implodes and smashes its brain into pieces.

The Supreme Court ruled that these videos are a valid expression of free speech and require protection, regardless of the fate for the animal, as its remnants are wiped off from under the shoe.

Surely free speech must be ultra important if it is more important than such murderousness, right? Wrong.

No free speech for nonhumans = free torture of nonhumans

Human free speech may be sacred, but nonhumans can be silenced by any means.

In an effort to prevent dogs from speaking, humans wrap shock collars around their neck. Then, if the dog tries to speak or indeed does anything the human doesn't agree with, a pulse of electronic shock is sent through their body. 

Not only rendering the dog silent (and bewildered), but also leaving a bloody, physical imprint.
These metal prongs deliver the shock...
…and the result.

Free torture of nonhumans = no free speech for humans

But humans - a warning - don't try to exercise your right to free speech if it is speaking in defence of nonhumans. Then you too will be silenced.

Take for example the practice of factory farming. The squalid and short lives of farm animals cannot be exposed in Idaho.

Amending Chapter 70, Title 18, of the Idaho Code, now prevents 'audio or video recordings of the conduct of an agricultural production facility's operations.' The FBI has taken this further, ready to prosecute as terrorists those who simply wish to exercise their free speech in placing a spotlight on unbelievable suffering.

Recent investigations shown on Australia's public broadcaster showed such brutality that it resulted in an uproar and briefly changed the laws relating to farming practices and live animal exports. As a result, the Australian government is looking to follow the US and prevent any such investigations in the future as an act of terrorism.

So farmers can have their way with nonhumans however brutally they wish, and they can do so in silence. All of a sudden free speech is not so important for these humans.